About Us


Led by Stephen W. Batzell, CFA, and Ruby Y. Chou, Abacus Financial Advisors provides investment management and financial consulting services to individuals, families, and non-profit organizations. Specializing in medium-sized accounts, Abacus combines the highest quality institutional research and expertise with attentive, personalized service that most firms reserve for only their largest clients.


At Abacus we want to help you achieve your long-term objectives. We listen to you — your goals, your time frame, your cash flow requirements, and your tolerance for risk. Then we explore different options to develop an investment plan and portfolio that match your long-term objectives.


The result is a well-tuned, 5-step asset management process designed to balance your individual needs while responding to the dynamics of capital markets.





Abacus Financial Advisors is compensated on a fee-based arrangement only. We do not sell any financial products or receive compensation through commissions or referral fees.

Client Communications


Clients have regular and confidential access to us and information about their accounts through quarterly performance reviews, visits to our office, and regular communication regarding their financial matters.  We have long term relationships with Fidelity Investments and Vanguard, two large and highly regarded custodians. Clients receive monthly account statements from their brokerage firm: both valuable information about performance and important for your security protection in these uncertain times.


Investing for Success


We are long-term investors who recognize the rewards of patience and perseverance, especially in volatile times. We employ a disciplined, time-tested approach that incorporates asset allocation, diversified security selection, and tax-sensitive investing.


Our investment philosophy is a based on seeking capital appreciation with prudent risk, using portfolio diversification as a cornerstone.  We combine investment expertise with unbiased equity and market research to create separately managed portfolios that match each client’s financial goals. We minimize client risk by using asset classes that range from fixed income securities with equities of established stable sectors and aggressive growing markets. We review client portfolios on a regular basis and are proactive in alerting clients to significant changes in market conditions.


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